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FITNES INFLUENSERKA OTKRILA ISTINU O SVOM IZGLEDU! Slike su nastale u isto vreme, a ova CAKA donela joj je telo iz SNA
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FITNES INFLUENSERKA OTKRILA ISTINU O SVOM IZGLEDU! Slike su nastale u isto vreme, a ova CAKA donela joj je telo iz SNA


Denei Merser je fitnes influenserka sa oko 795 hiljada pratilaca na Instagramu gde veoma slikovito dočarava sve varke besprekornog izgleda, koji se plasira na ovoj mreži, a da se ne pokaže i njegova druga strana.

Influenserka ne beži od toga pa čak i ponosno poručuje da ima strije i celulit, a više nego simbolično pozira baš ispred ogledala koje prikazuje njen prirodan izgled. Na ove dve slike prikazala je reazliku između Instagrama i realnosti koju kreira svetlo. Kaže da je glavna caka baš u tome - u dobrom osvetljenju. A pored ovog trika da izgleda savršeno, pomaže joj i prava poza.


Insta vs reality — or LETS talk LIGHTING. Because that’s the main difference in these photos. In one, my bum is deliberately angled into the shadows. The softer light hides my cellulite and smooths most of my stretchmarks. It’s flattering. In the other, I’m just casually squatting (lol) beside the mirror. My hips and thighs are in the sunlight. Lumps and bumps are on show. There are a few posing differences (core tight, hips popped back, squeeeezzzinnnggg), but mostly this pic is about LIGHT working its magic. When I worked in magazines, we shot at sunrise or sunset. On most sets, there were people holding SUN DIFFUSERS and REFLECTORS to help create the perfect FLATTERING balance of shadow and light. The same thing happens on SOCIAL MEDIA, just in a different form. Most insta-models know EXACTLY how to POSE and work their angles. And they know LIGHTING too. Like how SIDE LIGHT, diffused from a window, is the most flattering for abs but usually pretty harsh on the face. It’s why you’ll often see a phone covering the face. Or how SHADOWS can gently eliminate certain LUMPS and BUMPS. All that is fine with me, honestly. It’s art and photography, and there is no shame in wanting to look FIERCE. But I also want to remind you about how SO MUCH on here is FILTERED. POSED. PERFECTED. And how you shouldn’t EVER COMPARE YOURSELF to a STRANGER on the internet. Because cowgirl, you’re just seeing their snapshots taken in PERFECT LIGHT. Your reality is a whole lot more varied, diverse, and human than that. It’s more perfectly imperfect. Real. Raw. And that’s a wonderful thing indeed. You got this. x #instavsreality #womenirl #womenshealth #popsugarfitness #instagramvsreality #posingtips #cellulite #strengthmarks

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"Mekše svetlo pegla moje strije i celulit čini manje vidljivim", napomenula je i poručila da prestanemo da brinemo da li se naš izgled dopada drugima.


Girl, stop trying to make everyone happy - you’re not guacamole. A popular body positive influencer was shamed recently for wanting to lose weight. Another has been shamed for gaining it. And both openly, authentically stood by their decisions. It got me thinking: what would WE DO different if we were less afraid of BEING different. Not just with our health, our wellness goals, but with our hopes, our dreams, our LIVES? It’s easy to want to MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. To fit in. To softly and gently bend and fold with whatever voices shout the loudest or sting the sharpest. Whether that’s a parent or a loved one or a stranger on a screen. Only in trying to PLEASE EVERYONE, we become no one. We fade. We lose ourselves. Trust me, I’ve been there. So here’s the lesson I’ve learned the hard way, and am still constantly, endlessly relearning: We will NEVER make everyone happy. We won’t. It’s impossible. Humans are complex. Our opinions are vast and varied and strong. And that’s ok. That’s WONDERFUL. What matters is that we each EXPLORE what sits INSIDE US. That we remain open to growth. To development. To being called in and learning. And that we honour, we ALWAYS honour, the truth which curls quietly inside of us. Whether it’s about how the goals we set FOR OUR BODIES or the plans we have FOR OUR LIVES. Even if it makes us different. Even when it shows how we all truly ARE different. I know it’s scary, but we can do this. You can do this. Be yourself, babygirl. No guacamole required. Influencers mentioned: @learningtobefearless @stephanie_buttermore #selflove #feminist #inspoquote #selfacceptance #normalizenormalbodies

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Denei je primer da je to lako i reći i uraditi, a vi nemojte da olako pređete preko toga da je ona fitnes influenserka koja ima i besprekran stomak i "slačiće" na stomaku - u isto vreme.

Kako Instagram izgleda drugačije iz njenog ugla - a kako su savršene lepotice sa ove mreže poput "običnih žena".

To obično je savršeno, samo još dok sve žene to shvate i prihvate, a neke jesu i govore Deeni : "Svakla čast". / zena.blic. / M.M.


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