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OTIŠLA SAM U TERETANU I KRENULA DA VEŽBAM! Onda su mi zbog OVOGA rekli da je odmah napustim! (FOTO)
Foto: Profimedia


OTIŠLA SAM U TERETANU I KRENULA DA VEŽBAM! Onda su mi zbog OVOGA rekli da je odmah napustim! (FOTO)


Džulija Maren iz Tenesija došla je u teretanu u opremi u kojoj, barem je mislila nema ničeg posebnog. Krenula je da vežba, a onda joj je prišao jedan od zaposlenih u teretani.

"Danas su mi u teretani rekli da obučem majicu ili da napustim teretanu. Omeli su me tokom vežbanja, rekli da skinem slušalice i poručili da mogu da mi daju majicu ako nemam svoju. Morala sam da je obučem ako sam htela da nastavim sa treningom. MOLIM? Zbog malo struka koji mi se vidi nisam dobrodošla u teretanu, ali zato muškarci mogu da vežbaju potpuno bez majice ili u tankim majicama kroz koje im se vide bradavice?! Dvostruki standardi i seksizam i dalje postoje, očito", napisala je uz fotografiju sporne kombinacije koja se sastoji od kratkog topa i helanki.


Did you know that 65% of women actually try to avoid the gym over fear of being judged? Fitness Magazine conducted this study and in comparison, only 36% of men felt this way. Do you realize what this statistic suggests? That women are automatically more cautious about what they wear to the gym to avoid criticisms and negative comments. . . Today I was told I’d have to leave the gym if I didn’t put a shirt on with no explanation. My workout was interrupted and I was told to take out my headphones for someone to tell me they could “get me a shirt if I need one” and that if I wanted to continue my workout I had to put one on.... WHAT?! So you’re telling me that because three inches of my waist is exposed that I’m not welcome in the gym but meanwhile fucking Chad is over there with a cutout that shows his whole nipple? Got it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to let me know that double standards and sexism still exists. . . If the problem is that I will be a distraction, why isn’t the accountability on the one who is distracted? This is a deep rooted issue because I could EASILY talk about middle school uniform policies, prom dress codes, and evidently gym attire. When will we stop policing women’s bodies and HOLD THE OTHER’S ACCOUNTABLE FOR SEXUALIZING THEM. And WHEN will we start ALLOWING women to feel comfortable enough in the gym to wear whatever the fuck is comfortable to them in an otherwise already uncomfortable environment?! . . All I’m saying is that I’m showing up in a bro tank with my nipple out next time ✌🏻 . . Edit:: this did not happen anywhere in Spring Hill, TN! It was a neighboring city that I will not be visiting again anytime soon 🙃

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