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ALEKSANDAR ĐONDOVIĆ, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF KURIR: Kurir's Eighteen Years – The Testimony of a Time
Foto: Marina Lopičić


ALEKSANDAR ĐONDOVIĆ, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF KURIR: Kurir's Eighteen Years – The Testimony of a Time


Kurir has turned 18 today. Celebrating such an anniversary in these turbulent times is no mean feat, and what assures us even more of this is a look back at our formative years and everything that we have gone through on this path. Leaving false modesty aside, we can take pride in our accomplishments!

As a student, I found myself by chance on the first Kurir's editorial staff in 2003, as a beginner in journalism. Today, 18 years later, it is clear that it was that editorial staff – whether some would like to admit it or not – that set many standards of tabloid journalism (a form of journalism accepted worldwide, except in Serbia). From its first issue onwards, Kurir made it clear that it brought something new and different than anything else at the time. We have kept that very spirit – to always be the first, fastest, and best, but to remain true to ourselves – until the present day.

Since day one, Kurir has shown that it puts its readers first. We have made every effort to ensure that everything we do is made with our readers in mind, whether someone likes it or not. All these years we have fought for the rights of the common man, lending them a voice and the arms in their fight for a better life – against the powerful figures in politics and business , against crime, against corruption, against injustice, against oppression… Our success, the fact that this path and this fight have become our hallmark, is best seen in the words of our readers: "You'll end up in Kurir."

And that has indeed been the case. There are countless scandals that Kurir has revealed, secrets it has laid bare, power-wielders it has exposed, and evils it has uncovered. Even today, many of those who have something to hide are scared more than anything else of ending up on the front page of Kurir. Kurir's eighteen years is a testimony of a time, a testimony of the most important events that we have gone through together. And throughout it all, we have always sided with the people and with Serbia.

Over time, we have changed and grown, but we have stayed true to ourselves and our values. Today we stand more serious, responsible, mature, and sharp, but just as brave, direct, uncompromising, right-minded, and fearless as on day one. In the meantime, the portal has joined our family, and is copied by most other modern portals. Last year, TV Kurir was added to our ranks, which makes us the only media in Serbia that operates a newspaper, a website, and a television channel.

Lastly, Kurir would never have become what it is without its reporters and editors, photojournalists, layout designers, proof-readers, and documentarians; without the management, marketing and advertising staff, and legal and finance departments; without the personal assistants, drivers, and the security personnel. This is a day that belongs to all of us together.

We continue on the path we took on 6 May 2003. And we promise to stay true to it! Thank you to our readers for the support, we will always be there for you!

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