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SKORO SAVRŠENA: Armanda OVIM delom tela izluđuje muškarce (VIDEO)
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SKORO SAVRŠENA: Armanda OVIM delom tela izluđuje muškarce (VIDEO)

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Amanda Franson je postala poznata zbog tonirane zadnjice.

Ona trenira donji deo tela svake sedmice, kaže da nikada ne preskače važne treninge. Njena tonirana zadnjica izluđuje muškarce širom sveta.


(Can we take a moment for my sleeping cats in the background😭🐈❤️) Today I had a flashback to before I started working out. I spent hours watching videos and reading atricles about nutrition, lifting, supplements, hypertrophy and so on. I think I spent 3 months like this. Just reading and watching and trying to force myself to become mentally ready to actually go to the gym and practice everything that my research had taught me. I wanted to go SO bad, but I was so scared because I was afraid that people would look at me and think ”what is she doing” if I performed an excercise wrong, or that I would be the weekest person in the room. What finally made me go, except from my own will power, was the fact that I stumbled over the instagram accounts of 2 fitness girls (@katyaelisehenry and @yoventura ). After that, there was just NO return. The motivation I felt after seeing these girls was like a wave that literally swept me into the gym, and it changed my life totally. I’ve been working out for 3 years now, and I don’t think I’ll ever be done, I’ve found a lifestyle that makes me happy and proud💪🏽 The reason I’m posting this is because A LOT of girls write to me and ask me if they can workout at home because they are scared of going to the gym. My answer is always the same, in order to build muscles you need a gym because you need progressive overload that only weights can give you. The amazing part is that you guys listen to me, and put your trust in the advices I give. What is even more amazing is all the DMs I receive, telling me how my instagram is the reason someone found the motivation and courage to start lifting. My purpose on instagram is, and will always be, to motivate and support you guys. Your DMs are a receipt that I’m doing something right 🙏🏽 So thank you SO SO SO much honestly. And to all beginners; 3 years ago I was at the same spot you are now. I was nervous and scared and I was definitely the weekest person in the room. Today I’m hip thrusting 200 kgs. If I can do it, you can❤️❤️💪🏽

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Međutim, pre svog fitnes putovanja, Amanda je izgledala potpuno drugačije. Tek nakon što je počela sa treninzima snage ona je uspela izgraditi figuru.


Feeling like a pumpkin 🎃 dress from @prettylittlething

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Prvih nekoliko meseci je bilo najteže, ali vremenom se navikla na vežbanje i uspela da promeniti život.

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