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VLADIMIR ĐUKANOVIĆ: 'Censorship and resistance to it!'
Foto: Marina Lopičić


VLADIMIR ĐUKANOVIĆ: 'Censorship and resistance to it!'


'Believe you me that an equally brutal campaign will be mounted against Vučić in Serbia as against Trump in the US, with all the associated criminal undertakings of mainstream social media.'

The so-called 'Newspeak', described by Orwell in his well-known novel 1984, is alive and well, primarily in a country that we believed to be a symbol of free speech, free thought, and the highest form of democracy – the United States of America. Nowadays, in an era of social media, which should above all be beacons of the freedom of expression, a full-on paradox is at play – what we have is the exact opposite of that. Social media have become a hotbed of Stalinist censorship and shameless imposition of "the truth" that suits only the left-liberal political elites of the most radical sort. Exactly like in Orwell's description of the meaning of an expression and the ruling out of the possibility that an expression may mean something else, what we have at work here is an imposition of one kind of reality and the absolute dismissal of the possibility that anyone else has a right to think differently. Even if it's the current president of the United States.

Social media have become an indispensable form of humanity's power. If you're not on social media, you don't exist. And that is precisely the point of removing Donald Trump from all the social media out there. He must not exist. He was an incident that happened in 2016, and that sort of incident must never happen again. In order to achieve that goal, there are no holds barred – stealing the election, trashing and looting cities, hurling insults at and humiliating Trump's supporters, calls to murder them, beating and harassing their families, putting a spin on Trump's statements, and daily ridiculing of anything he says and of his personality, as well as preventing his associates and donors from doing business, blocking their bank accounts, and arresting them without rhyme or reason. Social media are essential here, because any action geared towards the abovementioned activities is justified there as a fight for democracy. On the other hand, if someone speaks against such activities, they are demonized on social media and depicted as the devil incarnate, a filthy and greasy cowboy yokel, and a savage. Their accounts are closed, and what follows are public calls to lynch them. What is happening in the United States now – where it's clear to everyone that the Wall Street elite has brutally stolen the elections – will be happening in the rest of the world and Serbia. A signal has now been sent out to demonize and brutally remove politicians and their supporters who don't toe the radical liberal-leftist line. Those with a developed national consciousness and those who advocate conservative ideas, the traditionalists and the believers, will bear the brunt. For them, hell and horrific temptations will follow in this world. Believe you me that an equally brutal campaign will be mounted against Vučić in Serbia as against Trump in the US, with all the associated criminal undertakings of mainstream social media. The very thought of developing an alternative form of information access and communication online will fall through if Google, Facebook, Amazon, and similar globalist companies – which happen to be the biggest donors to Biden's campaign – have it in for you. As an alternative to Twitter, Parler had an enormous number of downloads and registrations by users who wanted an open discussion in a matter of days. Alas, Parler was still removed and banned because you cannot so much as hint that Biden is a president without legitimacy, given that nearly 70 percent of Americans think that the elections were irregular.


The question then is – what can be done?

For starters, Twitter should be abandoned as the most extreme criminal platform on which the modern Comintern and its activists brutally insult everyone who thinks differently. Let them snap at each other there. The same thing should be done piecemeal with Facebook as well, and alternatives to Google's products should be sought out. It will be very difficult, but there are platforms such as the Russian VK (the Russian version of Facebook), Rutube (the Russian version of YouTube), Rambler, or Gab. Hopefully, Parler will be brought back online. Further, new hosting services should be sought out, and Amazon should be avoided en masse; Telegram, Signal, WeChat, and Viber should be used more for messaging and discussions, and WhatsApp should be avoided as a Facebook product. At any rate, Twitter had a 12 percent – or a five billion US dollar - drop in a single day when they permanently suspended Trump. This is obviously the only way to fight the deep state. Each country should ideally create its own social media platform, invest heavily in own hosting, or rather, in the digital modernization, because, as the Turkish President Erdogan said recently, a digital war is at work here.

All in all, the fight for freedom of thought and expression has begun. With faith in God, onwards to

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